Every child deserves a world-class education, regardless of their ZIP code. Of all in-school factors that impact their success, there’s nothing more important than our teachers. That’s a fact. But we’re not acting like it. In America today, there’s a drastic teacher pay gap—and it’s growing. Public school teachers earn 11 percent less than similar professionals, teachers are more likely than non-teachers to work a second job, and the average teacher makes $1,000 less than 30 years ago.

The teacher pay gap is a national failure that’s holding America back. From city schools in major urban centers, to rural schools like those in South Carolina’s “Corridor of Shame,” we’ve failed to give teachers the respect and resources they deserve. It’s time for a bold, national response.

So let’s speak the truth: America’s teachers are drastically underpaid and they deserve a raise. That’s exactly what Kamala Harris intends to give them as President. We’ll make the largest investment in teachers in American history and provide the average teacher a $13,500 raise, entirely closing the teacher pay gap.

Here are the key points of Kamala’s plan:

  • Give the average teacher in America a $13,500 raise, about a 23 percent increase in base pay.
  • Incentivize states to invest in eliminating the teacher pay gap alongside federal investment. 
  • Support programs that help recruit and train teachers, particularly at HBCUs.