Donald Trump likes to travel to rural parts of our country and make promises he has no intention to keep. He promised he would “negotiate trade deals to help our farmers,” claimed he would “produce phenomenal health care,” and said he would “foster enhanced broadband access for rural America.”

Let’s speak the truth: Donald Trump lied and betrayed rural America.

Rural Americans are not looking for more empty promises. They want a real partner in the White House who will listen and stand side by side to help address the challenges their families and communities face.

That’s exactly what Kamala Harris intends to do as president. As she’s traveled the country, Kamala has listened. She’s listened to farmers in Iowa who’ve had to leave soybeans to rot in the fields. She’s heard from New Hampshire families living with the effects of the opioid crisis. She’s met with families in South Carolina who can’t connect to the Internet. She’s sat with small business owners in Nevada who are struggling, while large corporations see their tax bills slashed. She knows that time and time again, politicians on both sides have let rural Americans down.

As president, Kamala will keep listening. With farmers, ranchers, business owners, and other rural Americans sitting at the table, she’ll deliver real solutions to lift up our rural communities – including job opportunities, health care, connectivity, and provide investments and subsidies to spur growth and development.

Here are the key points from Kamala’s plan for a new partnership with rural America:

  • Invest in rural communities: 
    • Rural Jobs Tax Credit to give businesses that create jobs in rural communities a $10,000 tax credit. 
    • Establish a $100 billion Rural Investment Fund in Indian Country and micropolitan areas to support businesses that will prioritize hiring in rural communities.
  • End Trump policies which are destroying rural communities:
    • End Trump’s trade war.
    • Stand up to Big Ag and ensure we protect family farmers. 
  • Reverse Trump’s betrayal on healthcare by passing Medicare for All, investing more in rural hospitals and health centers, and ensuring access to quality child care in rural areas. 
  • Close the digital divide by investing $80 billion in a Broadband for the People program.
  • Make sure we are investing in all rural Americans by increasing support for seniors and children and building up strong education systems in communities.