Kamala’s Plan To Honor Tribal Sovereignty And Lift Up Native American Communities

The First Peoples of this country were Native Americans. Long before European explorers arrived in North America, American Indian tribes inhabited this land and governed their societies.  

Our Founders recognized the sovereignty of tribal governments in the U.S. Constitution. When the United States signed treaties with Tribal Nations for the exchange of land, we agreed to take on a trust responsibility to preserve the right of Indian tribes to govern themselves and provide sufficient resources so tribes can deliver essential services to their citizens.

But we must speak truth: we have failed our obligations to Tribal Nations. 

The United States has signed over 500 treaties with Tribal Nations—and we have broken every single one of them. We have a brutal history of taking millions of acres of land and decimating Native American communities. Today, as a result, Native American communities lag behind others in terms of health care, education, and economic development.

Nonetheless, Native American communities remain resilient and vibrant. And we have an opportunity to chart a new course of fully empowering Native American communities and supporting their governments’ right to self-determination and self-governance. 

As president, Kamala will honor the United States’ historic government-to-government relationship with Tribal Nations and invest in Native American communities to secure lasting prosperity.  

Here are the key points of Kamala’s plan:

  • Honor tribal sovereignty and set a goal to take more land into trust for federally recognized tribes.
  • Ensure robust funding for healthcare resources in tribal communities.
  • Ensure women in tribal communities are protected and lifted up.
  • Expand educational opportunities in tribal communities. 
  • Expand programs that support economic development on tribal lands.
  • Ensure Native American voting rights.