Here are the key points of Kamala’s plan for Medicare for All:

  • Provide affordable, comprehensive health care for every American. 
    • Her plan will cover all medically necessary services, including emergency room visits, doctor visits, vision, dental, hearing aids, mental health and substance use disorder treatment, and comprehensive reproductive health care services.
    • It will also allow the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. 
  • Include a 10-year transition period so that we take the time to ensure that everyone has a plan that works for them. 
  • Allow private insurers to offer Medicare plans as a part of this system that adhere to strict Medicare requirements on costs and benefits.
  • People will have a choice between private Medicare for All plans and the public Medicare for All plan.  
  • Exempt households making below $100,000 (or more in certain high cost areas) from any income-based premiums. And, we’ll pay for that by taxing certain Wall Street transactions.