Dreamers grew up in our communities and pledge allegiance to our flag. They serve in our military and thrive in our universities. Their families are an integral part of our country and economy. They represent the best of who we are and know no other place but the United States as their home.

Donald Trump can’t change that. And despite his best efforts, he can’t shake the resolve of our Dreamers and the hope they have in the America we’ll build when he’s gone. It’s an America where families are kept together, not torn apart. It’s an America where children are cared for, not kept in cages. It’s an America where Dreamers are finally recognized for what they are: Americans.

As the child of immigrants, that’s the America Kamala Harris will build—and she doesn’t believe Dreamers should have to wait a moment longer. As president, Harris will take executive action to keep immigrant families together and eliminate barriers that prevent Dreamers from accessing a path to U.S. citizenship.

We estimate the plan will protect over 6 million immigrants from deportation, add up to $445 billion to U.S. GDP over ten years, and provide America’s 2.1 million Dreamers a path to citizenship if they have a congressionally-required family- or employment-based grounds to adjust status.

Make no mistake – Congress must pass 21st century immigration reform, and Harris will fight to get it done as president. But while she fights to reform our laws, Harris will do everything within her legal authority as president to roll back Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and build a future that lives up to America’s values.

Here are the key points of Kamala’s plan:

  • Fight to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million people living in our communities and contributing to our economy.
  • Immediately reinstate DACA and expand the program to protect more Dreamers.
  • Kamala will use her authority under the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) to create a path to citizenship for Dreamers.