Kamala’s Plan to Transform the Criminal Justice System and Re-Envision Public Safety in America

Reforming our criminal justice system is as complex and pressing an endeavor as any other in our lifetime. It is the civil rights issue of our time, and there is perhaps no one more uniquely suited to taking on this issue than Kamala Harris.

From the civil rights protests she attended as a child, to her time working inside the system as a prosecutor, Kamala has seen firsthand the fundamental flaws of the system. And because of her experiences, she has the insight and the fight to fundamentally transform the system for the better.

At its best, the system serves to hold serious wrongdoers accountable and achieve justice for crime survivors, while helping to build safer and healthier communities. At its worst, decades of failed policies have created an unjust, unequal, and vastly expansive system that disproportionately harms communities of color and criminalizes individuals just because they are poor. It is long past time to re-envision public safety by strengthening and supporting our communities and drastically limiting the number of people we expose to our criminal justice system. As president, Kamala will fundamentally transform how we approach public safety.

Here are the key points from Kamala’s plan:

  • End mass incarceration and making evidence-based investments in our communities to make them safer, healthier, and stronger. 
  • Ensure that law enforcement is accountable to the communities they are sworn to protect. 
  • Ensure that our criminal justice system treats everyone humanely. 
  • Ensure that our criminal justice system protects and lifts up the most vulnerable among us.