In recent months, communities across America have been traumatized by domestic terrorism and gun violence. From Gilroy to El Paso, people are being killed, and President Trump has done more to inflame the threat than confront it.

Trump has weakened gun laws and toed the line of the NRA. He’s played coy with white supremacists and shifted resources away from countering violent white supremacist threats. He’s disgraced the office he holds, and while he didn’t pull a trigger, he’s been tweeting out the ammunition.

Kamala Harris has a simple message: There are only “very fine people” on one side, and we intend to act and win. As President, Harris will speak truth about the magnitude of this threat and take immediate action to combat and disarm violent hate.

Here are the key points of Kamala’s plan:

  • Empower courts to issue “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Orders” to temporarily seize the guns of individuals who may imminently perpetrate hate crimes. 
  • Close the online gun sales loophole and require sites such as to perform background checks. 
  • Ensure domestic terrorism is a key part of our national counterterrorism strategy and reverse Trump’s efforts to deprioritize countering white supremacy.