We have always been an aspirational nation. I am reminded of this every time I look into the eyes of our children. With leadership, teamwork, and aspiration, our history tells us anything is possible.  

But we must also speak truth about the road ahead. We are living through a worsening climate crisis that is impacting communities across America and the globe every day. 

From families devastated by hurricanes in the South and the East, to farmers facing flooding in the Midwest, to firefighters battling wildfires in the West, one thing is clear: we need to take bold, direct action. Now. 

Here are key points from Kamala’s Climate Plan for the People:

  • Address environmental injustice and provide frontline communities a seat at the decision-making table, including by passing Kamala’s Climate Equity Act. 
  • Hold polluters accountable and stop handouts to the fossil fuel industry.
  • Build a clean economy no later than 2045 and make sure that it lifts everyone up by creating good, family-sustaining, jobs. 
  • Protect all of our natural resources and ensure our public lands are part of our solution to reducing carbon.
  • Re-establish America’s leadership in moving the international community to tackle this climate crisis.