Kamala's Medicare for All Plan

In America, health care should be a right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. That’s why we need Medicare for All.

Kamala’s Plan to Set Fair Prescription Drug Prices

‘People over profit:’ bringing down the cost of prescription drugs, even if Congress refuses to act.

Kamala's Rent Relief & Lift Acts

Addressing our affordability crisis by giving working families relief from high costs and housing insecurity.

Kamala’s Plan to Transform the Criminal Justice System and Re-Envision Public Safety in America

A plan to fundamentally transform our criminal justice system to shift away from mass incarceration and to invest in building safer and healthier communities.

A Climate Plan For The People

We can no longer make excuses, we need a bold plan to preserve our future.

Kamala’s Plan For Action On Gun Violence

Taking executive action to stop gun violence if Republicans continue to cower to the NRA.

America's Teachers Deserve A Raise

Valuing and respecting working people who lay the foundation of our future economy.

Reproductive Rights Action

Blocking dangerous and deadly abortion restrictions before they take effect.

Holding Corporations Accountable For Pay Inequality In America

Closing the pay gap by requiring employers to get “equal pay certified."

Kamala’s Partnership With Rural America

Reversing Trump’s betrayal to rural America while building a partnership with rural Americans.

Kamala's Children's Agenda

Ensuring that every child has an opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Kamala’s Commitment To Fight For Organized Labor

Ensuring that no worker is left to fight alone.

A New Roadmap to Citizenship for Dreamers

Kamala’s plan to forge a roadmap to citizenship by executive action.

Kamala’s Commitment to Full Inclusion and Civil Rights for People with Disabilities

Recommitting to building inclusive economic opportunity in America.

Fighting for Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors

Kamala’s plan to close nationwide rape kit backlog in her first term.

Kamala’s Promise to America’s Veterans and Military Families

Honoring veterans' service and sacrifice through respect, empowerment, and support.

Closing The Opportunity Gap

Making bold investments in HBCUs and Black Entrepreneurship.

Closing The Homeownership Gap

Eliminating racial disparities in homeownership rates and advancing economic justice.

Kamala’s Plan To Honor Tribal Sovereignty And Lift Up Native American Communities

Ensuring the federal government’s relationship with tribal nations is honored and working to lift up Native American communities.

Kamala’s plan to invest in infrastructure and build for America’s future

As president, Kamala will make real investments in our infrastructure, and, together, we’ll build a brighter, stronger, more interconnected America.

Kamala’s Plan of Action for Asian Pacific Islander Americans

Kamala knows our country is stronger for this diversity and will fight for equal opportunity, access to justice, and human rights for all API Americans.

Kamala's Plan For Health Justice For Black Communities

Kamala will fight for health justice for Black communities across the country, so that families now, and for generations to come, can thrive.

Kamala's Plan To Stand Up For Black America

We must right what is wrong and write the next chapter for Black Americans.

Kamala’s Plan to Provide Mental Health Care on Demand

As president, Kamala will deliver mental health on demand—providing services to all Americans who need it, whenever they need it, and wherever they need it.