Our democracy was built on the notion that every American has an equal voice. But that’s not the democracy we have today.

Across the country, the right to vote is under attack by voter suppression tactics, our politics are infected by a campaign finance system rife with dark money and a President beholden to special interests, and our outdated election infrastructure stands vulnerable to foreign attack.

We must rebuild the foundation of our democracy, and Kamala believes that starts by building a campaign that reflects the values we want to see in our policies and politics. That’s why Kamala’s campaign won’t take a dime from Big Oil and Pharma executives, federal lobbyists, or SuperPACs.

Our campaign is powered by the people—and that’s the kind of government Kamala will fight for as president.

That means fighting back against voter suppression and making it easier to vote. Across the country, millions of Americans are being denied the right to vote by a wave of state laws intentionally designed to disenfranchise Black Americans, Latinx Americans, Native Americans, and college students. As president, Kamala will restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act, require the availability of early voting
, fight for automatic voter registration, and make Election Day a national holiday.

A government for the people also means taking on special interests in Washington. Corruption didn’t start with President Trump, but his Administration has put the consequences of corruption in stark relief: A $1 trillion tax handout to big corporations and the top 1%, the gutting of life-saving environmental protections, and the erosion of rules to protect workers, veterans, and young people from predatory corporations.

As Attorney General, Kamala fought off attempts by a Koch brothers-aligned group to hide their donors. As president, she’ll take on the corrupting influence of money in politics by fighting to overturn Citizens United, requiring the public disclosure of donors by dark-money interest groups, and appointing Supreme Court justices who prioritize the right of Americans to vote over the right of corporations to buy elections.

Let’s be clear: A government for the people means a government for the American people. Unlike President Trump, Kamala believes we must ensure our elections are protected from hackers and foreign adversaries intent on undermining our democracy. In the Senate, Kamala introduced the Secure Elections Act to protect against foreign interference. As president, she will fortify America’s election infrastructure by funding election security improvements, implementing cybersecurity guidelines, and replacing outdated electronic voting machines.