Policies that increase worker power have played a central role in building our middle class and providing economic security to millions of Americans. Reforms that the labor movement drove brought us a five-day workweek, sick leave, and other basic worker protections. Because unions built the middle class, it’s no coincidence that, as the labor movement has been undermined, the economic security enjoyed by tens of millions is also under extreme duress.  

We have to rebuild the middle class. We can do this by creating more and better jobs for the economy we have today while we also actively prepare for the economy we will have tomorrow. Strengthening the labor movement is the first and most essential step in this work so that we don’t leave any worker or family to fight alone.

Kamala knows the importance of this fight. She knows from her mother, who would stay up late at their kitchen table trying to figure out how she was going to make it all work. She knows from meeting with countless public school teachers across the country working to educate our future leaders. She knows from opportunities like getting to spend a day walking with Detroit Security Officer, and SEIU member, Delores McDaniel, and hearing about her fight for better working conditions. 

As president, Kamala will restore power to workers and lift up the middle class. She’ll make sure every worker is able to join a union and bargain for better wages, benefits, and conditions at their workplaces. She’ll hold corporations accountable to workers. She’ll support workers as our economy evolves. And, together, we’ll rebuild economic security in America.