We can’t grow our economy when the roads and bridges are crumbling, contaminated water systems are pumping toxins into homes, and a staggering digital divide leaves nearly one third of Americans in rural areas and tribal lands without access to high-speed broadband.

President Trump promised to invest $200 billion in federal funds to build up America’s infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, he broke that promise. Nearly half of families can’t afford an unexpected expense of $400—the average cost of fixing tires deflated while driving over pothole-pocked roads—but this president handed big corporations a $1 trillion tax cut that could be fixing our infrastructure.

We need someone who will fix and build roads, bridges, public transportation, modernize our energy and water infrastructure, and power this transformation with millions of good paying jobs for working Americans.

As president, Kamala will be that leader. She’ll make real investments in our infrastructure, and, together, we’ll build a brighter, stronger, more interconnected America.

Connect and re-connect our roads, rail, and transit.

  • As part of a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Kamala will invest $385 billion to repair our 3.9 million miles of roads and bridges, improve public transportation, modernize rail infrastructure, and promote innovative transformations to our transportation networks.
  • This $1 trillion federal investment plan will create more than 15 million jobs.

Expand broadband infrastructure for all Americans.

  • Access to the internet is about so much more than just expanding the reach of technology. When the digital divide leaves out a community, it means a student can’t finish her homework, it’s harder for a patient to receive information from their doctor, and a small business can’t find their next customer. That’s why Kamala will connect every home to affordable broadband by 2024 through an $80 billion “Broadband for the People” program. Broadband for the People will:
    • Build infrastructure by providing funding and incentives so underserved, unconnected areas get affordable broadband services. 
    • Eliminate state laws that block local governments from building their own broadband infrastructure.

Repair our water infrastructure and fight for environmental justice.

  • We know that race bears the strongest relationship to serious violations and ineffective enforcement of drinking water law; majority-Black communities like Flint, Michigan and Hopkins, South Carolina are disproportionately vulnerable to the health and environmental harms of contaminated water systems. That’s why Kamala will declare a Drinking Water Infrastructure Emergency and invest $250 billion over 5 years to repair and replace drinking water infrastructure, upgrade and maintain well water and septic systems, and help low-income households pay for high drinking water and wastewater utility bills.
    • She’ll also invest $20 billion in a diverse portfolio of sustainable water solutions like water recycling and reuse and using natural infrastructure to store more water while protecting ecosystems. 

Invest and rebuild our schools for future generations.

  • We must ensure that our school environments are safe and secure so our children can learn and thrive. Kamala will fight to pass legislation providing $100 billion in federal grants and school construction bonds to rebuild and repair the nation’s schools. 
    • A $70 billion grant program and $30 billion tax credit bond program will target high-poverty schools with facilities that endanger students’ health and safety.
    • She’ll develop a new—and much-needed—national database on the condition of public school facilities.
    • And she’ll expand access to high-speed broadband so public schools have the reliable and high-speed internet access they need for digital learning.