Kamala grew up knowing a simple truth: Immigrants don’t just belong in America, immigrants are part of the fabric of America. As the child of immigrants, she will prosecute the case against Donald Trump’s inhumane immigration policies.

President Trump campaigned and has spent his presidency vilifying immigrant families and communities. He has manufactured a so-called crisis to divide our country and distract from his efforts to take away health care and give tax breaks to the super rich. His Administration has locked children and families in cages, taken babies from their mothers and fathers, ended protections for DREAMers, and sought to spend billions to build a wasteful wall on our southern border.

Kamala has fought on behalf of immigrant communities and for a fair immigration system throughout her career. As District Attorney, she cracked down on businesses that exploited undocumented immigrants. As Attorney General, she secured pro-bono representation for unaccompanied minors. As Senator, she’s led the charge against President Trump’s extreme anti-immigrant agenda, opposing John Kelly’s nomination as Secretary of Homeland Security, voting against Trump’s border wall funding, and was the first Senator to call for Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign.

Kamala hasn’t just fought back: she’s laid out a vision for immigration in America after defeating President Trump. She’s championed legislation to reunite families, ensure immigrants have access to legal counsel, and use more humane and cost effective alternatives to detention.

As president, Kamala will fight to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million people living in our communities and contributing to our economy. While she wages that fight, she will immediately reinstate DACA and expand the program to ensure more DREAMers feel safe and secure in the only country they call home. She’ll protect parents of American citizens and legal permanent residents, as well as other law-abiding immigrants with ties to our communities, from the prospect of deportation. She will also restore and expand Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who would face war or catastrophe if forced to return home.

Kamala also believes we must fundamentally overhaul our immigration enforcement policies and practices—they are cruel and out of control. As president, she’ll close private immigrant detention centers, increase oversight of agencies like Customs and Border Protection, and focus enforcement on increasing public safety, not on tearing apart immigrant families.

For Kamala, this is about making America a place that welcomes immigrants searching for a better life. It’s why she’ll reverse President Trump’s Muslim Ban on Day One and fix the family visa backlog.

Kamala also will immediately change course on President Trump’s disastrous and cruel border strategy. She understands that for many immigrant families, leaving home and arriving at our Southern border is not a choice. That’s why she will ensure those fleeing persecution have a full and fair opportunity to make their claim, aggressively pursue a foreign policy focused on stabilizing Central America where conditions have forced families to flee, and increase funding for processing centers and child welfare workers. Kamala will focus our border enforcement resources on true public safety threats through investments in technology and ports of entry to address the flow of illegal drugs, illegal weapons, and human trafficking.