Gun violence is a national epidemic and a public health emergency. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people were killed by guns in America.

We’re not waiting for good ideas–we have good ideas. We’re not waiting for another tragedy – we have seen the worst human tragedies we can imagine. What’s missing is politicians in Washington having the courage to stand up to the NRA.

Kamala has a simple message: We’re not waiting any longer.

If Congress fails to send comprehensive gun safety legislation to Kamala’s desk within her first 100 days as president–including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and the repeal of the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer immunity shield–she will take executive action to keep our kids and communities safe. She’ll mandate the most comprehensive federal background checks in history, revoke the licenses of gun manufacturers that break the law, close the “boyfriend loophole” to make it harder for domestic abusers to purchase guns, reverse President Trump’s dangerous decision to allow fugitives from justice to purchase guns, and ban the importation of AR-15 style assault weapons.

This is just part of the gun safety agenda Kamala will pursue as president. In addition to enacting universal background checks, renewing the assault weapons ban, and repealing the gun manufacturer immunity, Kamala will fight to make gun trafficking a federal crime, ban high capacity magazines, and prohibit those convicted of a federal hate crime from buying guns.

Kamala has a long record of making progress on common sense gun safety reform. As District Attorney in 2004, she called for the renewal of the federal assault weapons ban and championed legislation to require microstamping technology for guns. As Attorney General, she stood up to the gun lobby and successfully defended California’s gun violence prevention laws to legal challenge.