President Trump has denigrated and demeaned women, and spent his entire presidency systematically targeting women’s rights. He’s rolled back campus sexual assault protections, gutted Equal Pay rules designed to prevent discrimination, and appointed Supreme Court justices intent on overturning Roe v. Wade.

The stakes have never been higher for women’s rights, and Kamala is ready to take the fight to Donald Trump.

Kamala has fought for women and girls her entire career. As a new lawyer, Kamala specialized in prosecuting individuals charged with sexually assaulting children. As District Attorney, she advocated for legislation to make human trafficking a felony offense. As the first woman to be elected Attorney General of California, Kamala cleared the backlog of untested rape kits during her first year in office. As Senator, Kamala championed the rights of sexual assault survivors and led the charge against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. She introduced the EMPOWER Act to help end the culture of fear and silence that still exists around workplace harassment, and cosponsored legislation to protect women’s right to safely access an abortion.

As president, Kamala will continue to champion the rights of women and girls. She’ll protect Planned Parenthood from Republican attempts to defund essential health services, nominate judges who respect Roe v. Wade, and immediately roll back dangerous and discriminatory rules put in place by President Trump to limit access to contraception and safe abortion in the United States and around the world.

For Kamala, protecting women’s rights also means recognizing and addressing persistent biases where they exist. For example, in America today, the risk of death from pregnancy-related causes for Black women is three to four times higher than for white women. Kamala believes health equity is a civil rights issue, and as president, she’ll fight to address racial disparities in maternal health care by passing her Maternal CARE Act, a bill Kamala first introduced in the Senate in 2018.

Kamala will also fight for women’s economic rights by mandating equal pay, working to ensure workers have access to paid family and medical leave, and making quality child care affordable for working families.

Another issue impacting women that’s too often overlooked and ignored in the conversation on women’s rights: Gun safety. More than 1 million women in America today have been shot or shot at by an intimate partner, and 92% of all women killed with guns in high-income countries are killed in the United States. Kamala believes it’s past time to act. If Congress fails to pass a comprehensive gun safety bill within her first 100 days in office, she’ll take executive action herself, including by closing the so-called “Boyfriend Loophole” that allows dating partners convicted of domestic violence to purchase guns.