We are at a turning point in our history. By alienating our allies and ignoring the emerging threats we face, President Trump has diminished America as a world power and left Americans less safe and weaker in the world.

We are on a dangerous path and we need to change course. Kamala believes that requires American leadership and a president who holds true to our values at home and abroad.

That means America must fight alongside friends and allies – not alone. During his time in the White House, President Trump has undermined the partnerships and institutions we’ve spent decades building in every corner of the world. Kamala believes America is stronger when we invest in our critical relationships and alliances – from NATO, to the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and with key partners like Japan, India, Mexico, and Korea. Whether it’s the nuclear threat of North Korea and Iran, chaos and oppression in Venezuela, confronting China’s unfair trade practices, or combatting Russia’s cyberattacks on our democracy, the U.S. is most effective at confronting global challenges when we work in coordination with our partners.

Turning our back on the world is not an option: the U.S. and our allies face real threats to our security – from Russian aggression to international terrorism – and we need to be clear-eyed, determined, and proactive in confronting them.

American leadership and values also means preparing for a range of new and emerging threats, including cyber-security, the spread of terrorism in and beyond the Middle East, and the white supremacist terror threat at home. By ignoring these real-time threats, President Trump has put America’s security at risk. As president, Kamala will invest in new technology to fortify America’s critical infrastructure, including passing her Secure Elections Act to protect against foreign interference in our democracy. She’ll immediately re-enter the Paris Agreement and make climate cooperation a key diplomatic priority for the United States. And she’ll confront white supremacy by re-establishing the Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit and reversing President Trump’s cuts to programs designed to combat white nationalism.

Finally, American leadership and values means remembering who we are. Part of what makes America strong are the very values the Trump Administration jeopardizes: thoughtfulness and measured leadership, the use of diplomacy and development in addition to defense, a commitment to human rights and pursuing peace, and respect for our veterans and service members.

Kamala believes these values belong at the center of our foreign policy. As president, she’ll work with our allies and local leaders to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and protracted military engagements in places like Syria. But she’ll do so responsibly – by consulting our generals and ambassadors, not via tweet. She’ll reinvigorate our diplomatic corps and State Department. She’ll continue her unshakable support for Israel and work towards a two-State solution so that Palestinians and Israelis can govern themselves in security, dignity, and peace. She’ll stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, but without isolating the United States diplomatically and risking an unnecessary war.