Our nation’s education system is supposed to be an engine of opportunity. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality for too many of our students, particularly low-income and rural students, students of color, and students with disabilities. We must strive for a more equitable public education system that will lead to better school and life outcomes for all children.

Addressing this inequity requires a comprehensive approach that ensures all children have the opportunity to thrive from their earliest years. Kamala believes that meaningful access to education is a fundamental civil right. As president, Kamala will fight to make public education more equitable.

Students also shouldn’t fear decades of debt just because they want to pursue an education. But today in America, students graduate with so much debt, they often can’t take the job they want, start a business or a family, or even pay the bills. As president, Kamala will provide relief from crushing debt today, and ensure tomorrow’s students can attend college debt-free.

Finally, the United States is facing a teacher pay crisis. Kamala will make the largest federal investment in teacher pay in U.S. history to fully close the teacher pay gap during her first term. Her plan will provide the average public school teacher a $13,500 raise.

When President Lyndon B. Johnson made a major investment in education in 1965, he told the country that it was to “bridge the gap between helplessness and hope.” Fifty-four years later, this gap remains—but Kamala is determined to keep building that bridge as president.