Sixty-one million Americans live with disabilities. Each of them deserves equal opportunity, support, and accommodation. That’s why Kamala will fight to dismantle barriers to equal participation for all persons with disabilities. For example, many states still permit subminimum wages for Americans for disabilities. That’s not right. Kamala will eliminate these unfair wage laws and build out grant programs for states to help people with disabilities prepare for, secure, and retain employment.

In the classroom, she’ll work to fully fund the IDEA so students with disabilities can get the education they deserve and secure long-term economic opportunity.

And when it comes to health care, her Medicare for All plan fully covers comprehensive long-term services and supports in-home and community-based settings.

We must also meet the full promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Kamala will recommit to fully enforcing the ADA and other civil rights laws that protect people with disabilities because our country is stronger when everyone is valued, everyone has dignity, and everyone can be part of the competitive labor force.