We’re facing a climate crisis. From families devastated by hurricanes in the South and East Coast, to farmers facing flooding in the Midwest, to firefighters battling wildfires in California, one thing is clear: We need to take bold, direct action now.

Kamala knows we need to take on big oil companies to win this fight—and that’s exactly what she’s done throughout her career. From defending California’s landmark climate laws in court, to suing corporations like Chevron for damaging the environment, Kamala has stood up to special interests—and won.

But this isn’t just a fight against something, it’s a fight for something. While the climate threat is great, so is our opportunity. With American ingenuity and imagination, we can forge a Green New Deal to tackle the climate crisis, build a clean economy that creates good-paying jobs for the future, and confront environmental injustice head on.

That means modernizing our transportation, energy, and water infrastructure. It means accelerating the spread of electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines. And it means making bold investments in innovative technologies to build a carbon free future.

At the same time, we must also stand up for those most affected by environmental harm. It shouldn’t matter how much money you have or what neighborhood you live in — clean air and water are fundamental rights. That’s why Kamala created the first-ever environmental justice unit in San Francisco as District Attorney. It’s why, as Attorney General, Kamala sued corporations for exposing residents to high levels of diesel. As president, she’ll continue that work by restoring environmental and public health protections rolled back by President Trump, and building on work being done by states and communities to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

While we fight to strengthen our economy and protect communities at home, we must also re-establish American leadership around the globe. That starts with immediately re-entering the Paris Agreement and making climate cooperation a key diplomatic priority for the United States.