Kamala believes you should judge a society by the way it treats its children. Every decision we make has a profound impact on our nation’s youngest, most vulnerable residents. Whether it’s improving our education system, ensuring access to health care and mental health treatment, protecting the environment, overhauling our criminal justice system, reforming our immigration policies, or supporting working families, it all affects our children.

From the beginning of her career, one of Kamala’s highest priorities has been to fight for children. She believes that each and every child deserves a fair shot at success in life and that we have a responsibility to treat the children of the community as the children of the community. As President, she will put children at the center of her decision-making and treat their needs with the same urgency and importance as we treat any other national priority. She’ll equalize economic and educational opportunities, safeguard children’s health and safety, treat children as children in the criminal justice system, and keep families together.