We have an affordable housing crisis that is affecting families across the country. Costs are rising but people’s paychecks aren’t keeping up. Kamala’s heard the same story on the campaign trail over and over: that families are kept up late at night trying to figure out how to pay the bills and make everything add up. This is a scene that is playing out across the country at kitchen tables everywhere.

Kamala will take steps to make sure that every American has affordable housing. The affordable housing shortage is a primary driver of the national housing crisis. That is why Kamala will invest over $135 billion to build and preserve hundreds of thousands of units of affordable housing.

She will also fight to pass her Rent Relief Act and provide relief to rent-burdened Americans so that they can stay in their homes. She’ll fight to pass her LIFT Act to give a tax cut to working and middle class to make it a bit easier to pay those bills at the end of the month. She’ll fight to pass her Ending Homelessness Act to provide billions in emergency relief funding for federal housing programs to help end homelessness. And, she will enact her plan to close the home ownership gap and provide $100 billion to help people in historically redlined communities purchase a home.

Kamala’s plan to solve the affordable housing crisis will make investments in proven solutions to ensure communities and families prosper. It will increase economic mobility for impoverished families, as well as increase the economic productivity for impoverished communities. It will also address racial equity by reducing residential segregation and concentrations of poverty for families of color.

Housing is a human right. Nobody in America should be left without a home and, as president, Kamala will take significant actions to address our affordable housing crisis head-on.