Sacramento Bee: Kamala Harris is the clear choice for U.S. Senate

Attorney General Kamala Harris, an adept lawyer and polished politician, is the clear choice to replace Barbara Boxer as California’s next U.S. senator.

Harris has the potential to become a national leader on the liberal side of many issues, especially on matters related to the judiciary. That one issue is probably the most important reason to send her to Washington.

If she is elected, Harris could be expected to use her background as a line prosecutor and attorney general to help shape the national debate over U.S. Supreme Court nominations, and maybe even leaven the partisanship that has come to engulf the process.

Californians might have expected to have a more serious contest for the seat that Boxer has held since 1992. But Republicans failed to field a major candidate and Harris cleared the field of most Democrats, with the exception of Rep. Loretta Sanchez, an Orange County Democrat.

Sanchez, who has served in Congress for 20 years, has run a disappointing campaign, showing herself to be thin-skinned, and displaying little grasp of issues beyond her region. She also has become known for her less than senatorial demeanor by, for example, breaking into an odd dance move after answering a question during the one debate she has had with Harris.

In Harris, Californians would have an advocate for pay equity, privacy, consumer and environmental protection, women’s health, gun control, and workers’ rights.

Photo credit: Eric Risberg The Associated Press

Photo credit: Eric Risberg – The Associated Press