LA Times: Kamala Harris wants college to be free — for families earning less than $140,000 a year

U.S. Senate candidate Kamala Harris on Tuesday said students from families earning less than $140,000 a year should be able to attend community colleges and public universities for free.

The free-tuition proposal highlighted the higher education platform Harris announced during a roundtable discussion with students at Los Angeles Trade Technical College on Tuesday.

“We have got to create a college system and a community college system that is affordable to the average student,” said Harris, California’s attorney general.

Harris touted other college-affordability proposals she supports, including one to increase the amount of Pell grants available and another that would allow students to refinance student debt at lower interest rates. Her rival in the Senate race, Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez, supports those two measures as well.

Harris also called for the continued crackdown on “predatory” for-profit colleges, and to allow immigrants who entered the country illegally to be eligible for federal grants and in-state tuition rates.

During the meeting, Harris did not provide details about how the federal government would fund the free-tuition program.

“It’s not about cost; it’s about investment. It’s about investing in our young people,” Harris said Tuesday.

According to the Harris campaign, the money to pay for the free-tuition program could be raised by closing tax loopholes used by corporations, ending subsidies to oil companies and reducing the nation’s production of nuclear weapons.