img_3765_22318535541_oBy Team Kamala

California kids may not be old enough to vote in the upcoming Senate election yet, but there’s a lot at stake for them in November. Every decision we make has a profound impact on our state’s youngest, most vulnerable residents. Whether it’s providing funding for education, drafting immigration reform, protecting the environment, reforming our criminal justice system, or creating safety nets and supports for working families, it all affects kids.

That’s a lot to leave to grown-ups! So we’ve launched Kids for Kamala. It’s an opportunity to learn about the issues that concern young people, and a space to find new ways to engage them in the political process that impacts their lives.

Our Kids for Kamala Correspondent (and Goddaughter-in-Chief) Helena kicks things off with a hard-hitting interview with Kamala! And coming up, we’ll have blog posts, photos, and toolkits for kids and their families. You’ll be able to find everything right here.

From the beginning of her career until now, Kamala has prioritized fighting for children because she believes that each and every child deserves a fair shot at success in life. It’s why she prosecuted people who hurt children, worked with parents and schools to make sure kids don’t miss too many days of school, and created the Bureau of Children’s Justice, which protects, advocates for, and seeks justice for children.

Kids may not be able to go into the voting booth on Election Day, but we can make sure they’re well-represented by those who can. Learn more about #KidsForKamala here. And let us know if you have questions or ideas for this project. Just email us your suggestions at info@kamalaharris.