Helena’s Hub: Learning About the “Five E’s”

IMG_2030Helena is 11-years-old, a #KidsForKamala correspondent, and the goddaughter-in-chief at Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate.

Welcome to Kids for Kamala! My name is Helena and I am the goddaughter-in-chief at Kamala Harris’ U.S. Senate campaign. I am also a representative for Kids for Kamala. In my blog post I will be talking about election topics, my experience at the office, and much more. This blog post is about the Five E’s. Enjoy!

Even though kids can’t vote, we should be informed of the issues that are going on in elections. Senate hopeful Kamala Harris has put together a list of the Five E’s. The Five E’s are economy, environment, education, equality, and engagement. Each of the Five E’s effects us. They are very crucial in Kamala’s campaign because they spread awareness to problems and help many people go to college, clean the environment, help women feel equal, and can help people have good health. Kamala Harris will ensure that the citizens of California can connect to the Five E’s.

Economy is very important to Kamala. As Senator, it will be her mission to make sure women have equal pay. In 2016, it is not acceptable for women to be paid less for the same work. She also wants to make sure the minimum wage is enough for people to afford food, have good health, and have a safe home. Kids need this as well. When we grow up it is important that we are in an equal environment that men and women can thrive in. This is one of the many reasons kids should tell their parents to vote for Kamala. She knows that we are the future. Kamala Harris is running for your grandparents, your parents, and you!

Kamala believes that no matter what community you live in, everyone should have clean water and air. A prime example of this is when she went to the town of Mira Loma to advocate for cleaner air for the residents. This is a very important topic because everyone should be able to live in a clean environment. When I was talking to Kamala, she described her experience when she went to Mira Loma. She said she could feel the pollution in the air, taste it with her tongue. She also saw kids in this neighborhood. Running around, playing games. She knew that they could get very ill from the diesel trucks polluting the town’s air. Kamala knew she had to do something and was able to help make sure the air in the city was cleaner.

Kamala also believes that a good education should be affordable for everyone. She fights for students who can’t afford college. She wants to make sure that every student, no matter the income of their family, can have a great education. This is important because kids should not have to pay a crazy amount of money for a mediocre education. Kamala believes that we should lower the tuition at public universities and colleges. This will help many people go to college at an affordable price. She believes that a good education should be available for every student, not just the ones who have loads of money.

Kamala feels very strongly about equality. She wants women to be seen as equal in society’s eyes. She believes that women should have the same pay for the same work, and not be less than or not important enough. She wants women to feel strong and confident in themselves. She wants them to know that they are equal. Kamala Harris also wants immigrants to feel comfortable in the United States. She does not care about the color of their skin; she just cares that they can call California their home.

Engagement is a crucial topic. Kamala wants to reduce nuclear threats. This is very important because if these destructive weapons fall into the wrong hands, a lot of people could die. This is why Kamala Harris believes that we should live in a nuclear weapon-free world. Kamala wants people to live without the worry that a nuclear weapon can destroy their city, kill their loved ones, and end their own life. Kamala wants to protect people and the the place we call home. This is why Kamala supported President Obama’s diplomatic effort to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

These are five of the many reasons Kamala is the best candidate for California Senate. If you would like to more about Kamala Harris’ Five E’s click here.