There’s No Debate: Why I’m on Team Kamala

Liam Glass is an intern with the Kamala Harris campaign.

The first time I came across Attorney General Kamala Harris’ name was while researching a debate topic during my junior year of high school. As a 17-year-old who hadn’t yet discovered his love of politics, the woman I would soon look up to and spend my summer campaigning for was unfamiliar to me. Quickly, though, I found that when debating how best to solve issues that plague millions of everyday Americans, Californians, and people around the world, Kamala’s work is a valuable resource.
I think there are many parallels between how you construct an argument in a debate and how politicians represent their beliefs. Put simply, every good argument needs three key components: claim, warrant, and evidence. A claim is what you’re arguing; a warrant is why your argument is or should be true; and evidence could be a statistic or an example that helps prove, illustrate or justify your argument.

A political candidacy is the same type of argument: I should be elected (claim) because I will serve the people most effectively (warrant), and my track record (evidence) proves this.

I’ve decided to dedicate the vast majority of my summer to working for this campaign because I believe Kamala Harris always has provided the best evidence for her candidacy. She stands for education reform and the children of California, so she created the Bureau of Children’s Justice to ensure that all children are treated fairly when receiving the education they deserve. For years, she has effectively researched and fought against school truancy. I agree with the California Teachers Association that she is the best candidate for education.

Kamala believes in fair and equal treatment for every person regardless of sexuality, and she refused to defend Prop. 8 (California’s ban on gay marriage) because it was unconstitutional. Moreover, I’ve seen the Attorney General in action speaking with members of the LGBT community about how she will continue to fight for equal rights. I agree with LPAC, the country’s only lesbian political action committee, that Kamala is the candidate for LGBT rights.

The Attorney General fights for the people, and so she didn’t stand by when the homeowners of California suffered from the mortgage crisis; she won $20 billion for those harmed most severely. I could go on, but I think the point is clear: Kamala Harris achieves what she sets out to accomplish for her constituents.

As an experienced high school debater, my focus is always on finding evidence based in sound logic and moral principles. During my time on the campaign, I’ve learned that the Attorney General not only represents issues I believe in, but also has a long history of creating the change this country needs.

I encourage every able child, student, and adult to vote and volunteer his or her time to help Attorney General Kamala Harris become the next senator from the great state of California. Sign up here to join the team!