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Kamala Harris Unveils Ideas to Reform Criminal Justice System and Tackle Disparities In Policing On National Level

Many ideas stem from Harris’ work as a prosecutor increasing transparency, reducing recidivism & focusing on root causes of crime

Harris: “These are national problems that beg national solutions, and reforming our criminal justice system will be one of my top priorities in the Senate.”

Read Harris’ full set of ideas here.

LOS ANGELES – Kamala Harris today unveiled her ideas to reform our criminal justice system nationally and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Meeting with community leaders and young people in South Los Angeles, Harris listened to the participants’ experiences and talked about her record of leadership reforming the criminal justice system as a prosecutor.

“Our nation’s criminal justice system faces a crisis of confidence. For too long, our country’s criminal justice system has prioritized being ‘tough on crime’ and offered a reactive approach to crime without addressing its root causes, and the overwhelming majority of criminal justice data shows communities of color and those in our society with the least advantages too often bear the heaviest burdens,” said Harris.

“These are national problems that beg national solutions, and making systemic changes to our criminal justice system will be one of my top priorities in the Senate.”

As a prosecutor, Harris has been on the front lines of fighting to make our system smarter on crime. In 2009, she wrote the book “Smart on Crime” that focused on reforming our criminal justice system. As Attorney Geenral, she’s fought to increase transparency, reduce recidivism and expose disparities in California’s criminal justice system.

Today, she is continuing that fight, unveiling ideas she hopes to take to the U.S. Senate. They include:

·      Mandatory collection and publication of criminal justice data for every law enforcement agency across the country
·      National implicit bias training for law enforcement officers and expanding adoption of body cameras
·      Improving officer diversity and increasing funding for federal civil rights investigations
·      More money for prevention and anti-recidivism initiatives
·      Sentencing reform and ending student loan, voting, and housing bans on ex-offenders

For more information on her ideas, click here.

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